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22 February 2011

The Angels are Falling...

...and not for Kanye West. For Axe! Okay, part of you will roll your eyes, but another part of you - maybe the stronger part - will appreciate the epic balls of this.

New Axe Provocation. Make even the angels fall.

Agency Buzzman, the volatile geniuses that came up with that Tippex hunter/bear thing, has populated an entire campaign with gorgeous, flirtatious angels on the quest for something more, well, down to earth. The ad above appeared online around the same time prominent French ad bloggers started receiving personalised messages from angels.

It all comes together on the campaign microsite, Fais Tomber Les Anges ("Make the angels fall"), in which the kitteniest angel of all appears before you with a less-than-surprising message:

Hello. I shouldn't be here, you know? I know someone who won't be very happy. But how can I resist you? Leave your email, and I'll get in touch fast ... to explain everything.

Hey, maybe she'll pull an Old Spice and make you a video. A sexy video filled with promising winks.

The site is also counting down to something that's supposed to happen tomorrow. While waiting, you may find it useful to brush up on your hot fallen angel trivia with this classic '80s film.

(Apparently the best way to keep an angel on this scorched land we call Earth is with French fries - helpful backup for when your divine déesse discovers the aromatic magic that is Isaiah Mustafa.)

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Howeiser said...

I like the Axe commercials for the simplest of reasons. They always have good looking hipster/metrosexual guys. Never the jock stud. I can just see a 14 year old skinny kid in school asking his mom for Axe thinking the chicks will swoon for him. And then of course being told to go home and shower by the teacher when the whole class smells like Axe LOL