Angela Natividad's Live & Uncensored!

30 July 2018

Current Projects

  • Hydration—carrying a water bottle everywhere. It doesn't just beat the heat; I actually think I'm sleeping properly and less stressed because I'm hydrated.
  • Sleeping six hours. It's less guilt-inducing than eight, but it's what I've come to understand is my bare minimum for functioning like a human.
  • Frugality. Freelance, I realise now, spoiled me: Even with its ups and downs, all you have to take care of is you. An enterprise's ups and downs are massive and can impact many lives if you're not good at prepping for drought in times of plenty. Also, I forgot how satisfying frugality can be, how creative it can make you. Who knew I'd become the type of person who makes her own candles and picks binders up off the street?
  • Being positive—thinking about my state at any given time in terms of the good things I want to make and do, and the culture we're trying to build; not in terms of stress, the harried menagerie of people expecting me places, numbers, obligations. This is harder than it sounds, but it's good exercise. I don't want everyone who goes, "How are you? How are your projects?" to immediately regret it.
  • Just saying something when the situation is gross.
  • Making time for exercise and meditation—even if only five minutes for the former, one minute for the latter. Do I have six minutes for myself? Yes I fucking do. If I don't, there's a different kind of problem afoot.
  • Forgiving my own failures. Every day of my life now is full of failures (thanks, entrepreneurship!). Get over them. We go hard or go home. We do the best we can. If every failure ends the world, we will never survive this.