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24 February 2011

Canal+ & BETC Reinvent the Movie Poster

In a silent world, someone must speak for him.

These posters are all over the Paris métro right now, and every time I see them I have to stop walking. I have been wanting to cover them for awhile, and even got so far as to take half-hearted photos, but ParisComLight beat me to it (and I am relieved, because she did the topic more justice).

Canal+ is a French TV network that produces a lot of solid programming on its own, and most importantly, has a good sense of what to license and broadcast from elsewhere. (ParisComLight even goes far as to call it chic. And it is!)

In partnership with Euro RSCG's BETC Paris, it's whipped together a cool series of posters that reinterpret films in a conversational and subjective way. This is to promote fresh-out films that will be finally be airing on the network.

Here are a few:

This time, we're the extra-terrestrials.

Alice in Burtonland. Alice in Wonderland.


I give it to you that that last one isn't super imaginative. *shrug* What's more, I haven't got a TV at home, but I would totally get one just to have Canal+. A lot of its material appears on the internet now, but the weird thing is, once you've formed a loyalty to a network or its programming, you really just want to see things at the time they air. Like, it would be cool to be able to see "The Matinale" at 6 AM or whenever it really airs than two hours later over the 'net if streaming permits, with those stupid internet ads that just repeat themselves again and again and again.

And ParisCom nails it on the head when she adds,

The work echoes the DNA of the Canal+ brand, a network known and recognized for subversive and disruptive communications, but also for its rich film offerings. CANAL + is a bit the second side of Cinema: when you have it, [it's assumed] you must be worth knowing: cinema, football, ass, the subjects that make the world go 'round... It has never strayed from this position, which is more apparent today in the tone of this campaign.

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