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11 February 2011

Levi's Loves it When Things Comes Together

Some vimeo candy from Levi's, which, for me, consistently tells the loveliest little stories in audiovisual media. (I did briefly think of IKEA though, but I blame it primarily on that fucking Jona Lewie song which my boyfriend hums four days a week which of course makes me think of the ad with the house missing a wall which of course now comes to mind whenever I see that same trope.)

Beautiful, beautiful work here by DANIELS for Levi's Chambray by Opening Ceremony. It's hard to highlight the appeal of a collection this understated without going over the top or lying to the eyes, but this production proves a very adequate backdrop. Plus, you can just imagine the fun everybody had on-set.

(I admit to having a bias.)

And special thanks to The Publigeekaire, through whose mirror I still find advertising to be a world of fantasy and possibility.


Howeiser said...

I like the spot but seems more like a furnishing commercial than clothing for some reason.

Angela Natividad said...

Maybe THAT'S why I thought of IKEA.