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21 February 2011

AdVerve Episode 65 - Job Hunting

You've done it. And if you haven’t, God be with you because you’re gonna have to.

Bill and Angela do the straight talk on their experiences getting work in this business, specifically from the perspective of social media or those who claim to “do it all” in an environment where that's exactly what people seem to be wanting, but what nobody quite wants to hire. (Polyvalence is a bitch!)

In a shell of nut, we cover:

1) The Job hunt itself

2) What agencies are still getting wrong

3) Freelance vs. Staff (Pros/cons, etc.)

As a bonus yum-yum, we answer a question from listener/homie Chris Havranek:

How do you explain the disconnect between memorable ads for "normal people" and ad folks? For example, people like my mom don't always recognize the Old Spice ads, but they’re quick to mention the Doritos ad—an ad that was slammed by most critics—in this last Superbowl.

Also, we explain the show’s sporadic airtime (in case you ever wondered. But if you didn’t, ’sall good, go about your business).

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