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11 November 2012

Those Super Rich Kids Just Found Themselves Some Not-So-Fake Friends.

While skimming my internetz today I noticed two really cool music promotions. The first was on The Pirate Bay (Yeah, I'm a user. Get over it):

Now that it's easier to torrent 9 things a day than it is to wait for a bloody movie to stream (then again, French telecoms throttle openly and without shame), The Pirate Bay's become my go-to desperation ship for finding entertainment when I don't even really know what I want. I don't know who Mr & Mrs is, but I think this EP-discovery thing they're doing on TPB is way cool: it doesn't just avail them hundreds of thousands of bored-yet-curious free listeners, it's a clear signal to the music-listening community: "We know your attitudes about music consumption have changed. We're with you there." And as concerts are a dime a dozen in Paris and relatively cheap, I can see this easily converting into me seeing them live at the next Rock en Seine or something ... if, in the end, I like their music.

The second piece of rad appeared on The Vulture, where I like reading TV show reviews:

This will hardly look like news for fans of Ryan Murphy, who's done an awesome job promoting music and bands of choice wth Glee. (Remember the all-Britney and all-Madonna episodes?) But hell, I can think of worse things in life than turning a full episode of Gossip Girl into a living, breathing music video for Frank Ocean, whose Super Rich Kids couldn't possibly find a better content marriage.

It's fun times in music and media collaboration. Keep your ears open to what's coming: you may be finding you're discovering artists in unexpected (and awesome!) ways.