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11 February 2011

Life Boils Down to a Series of Choices.

Here's an elegant and masculine new piece for Jim Beam featuring Willem Dafoe.

This makes me fall a little bit in love with Dafoe. He has a timeless countenace that makes him feel lived-in and believable in a menagerie of different costumes. Each silhouette is unified by our possibilities: the ones we define, develop and abandon every day.

Don't look too closely at that thesis, or you may find reason enough to make the "bold choice" of midday drinking. With great gusto. And in grayscale!

Unlikely musk-of-man magic brought to you by StrawberryFrog NYC. Brought to me by Facteur Pub, who's also written a beautiful post (en français) about the complexity of choice as-illustrated: a persuasive cocktail for taking up the consumption of bourbon.

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