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24 February 2010

He's On a Horse!

And I want every man I ever love to smell like him. Which is a lot to say in defense of a brand my dad (and my grandpa!) wore.* Man, taking that batshit-wacky turn with Bruce Campbell, and never looking back, was the best thing you ever did, Old Spice.

See making-of (courtesy of M. M. McDermott over at the Renegade Agency Confessional):

More advert-orgasmics right here. Work by Wieden + Kennedy.



*Or this may just be evidence of a raging Electra Complex. Wow. Awkward.


M.M. McDermott said...

Just in case you were wonderin' how it was made, Ang, Here's the link Pretty interesting how little CGI they use.

Angela Natividad said...

Aw, dude, you're The Sauce™. Post updeeeeted.