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22 September 2011

Dream a Little Dream.

I covered this for the AdVerveBlog today but wanted to toss it up here too because I miss posting stuff on L&U. We've got big plans over yonder, but shit just ain't the same, you know? This blog is like my bedroom (where, as luck would have it, George Clooney isn't. But I am used to life's hard knocks).

I need to figure out what to do with this space apart from talking about poo.

21 September 2011

Friends with Whom You Can Share All Things

The little bastards.

Me, 3 days post wisdom-teeth removal: I'm really sick of food I can't chew. Gazpacho, purées, pudding. It's not even really food. What is my poo going to look like?

Her, after a long and thoughtful pause: Angela ... your poo will be beautiful.

13 September 2011

AdVerve Episode 79: The Show-Stopper

Play the show now.

 First, an announcement. LADIES AND GENTS, WE GIVE YOU ADVERVEBLOG.COM, a labour of love that incorporates the magic of Make the Logo Bigger, Live & Uncensored and Darryl Ohrt's Brandflakes for Breakfast. (Some math: Bill + Angela + Darryl = BAD. THAT'S DESTINY!)

Here's our launch article. Follow with great enthusiasm and mass. Also, expect more Darryl action on future podcasts.

This episode kicks off on a battle of the films, then drifts fast and loose into TV show territory. Breaking Bad plays a starring role and I demonstrate once again that I can work a Buffy reference into any conversation -- in this case, Bill's reflection on the heroization of white male criminals. (Jack the Ripper wiggles his way in somehow, too. Who do you think he was, by the way? This guy or this guy?)

Movies we're dying (not literally though) to see? Red State and This Must Be the Place. WATCH THAT SHIT! You also find out what stars get us going and -- and! -- what our superpowers are. It's a show-stopper like no other.


Kevin Smith protests the protesters at his "Red State" Sundance - not mentioned on the show, still worth watching though
- The hyper-awesome OK Cupid blog
- Jetpacks' awesome AdVerve Blog post. Credit also goes to him for our Supergroup comic up top
- Caustic Soda's Jack the Ripper episode
- Dior's new Charlize Theron ad

06 September 2011

Ch-Ch-Changes: AdVerve the Blog, She Cometh!

It's with an inordinate amount of excitement that I declare the birth of a new era: the era of AdVerve.

You already know about AdVerve the Podcast, but this is next-level shit. Darryl Ohrt (formerly of Humongo and author of Brandflakes for Breakfast), Bill Green (Make the Logo Bigger) and I are joining blogger forces to produce AdVerve the Blog. It's going to be an explosion of face candy and inexplicable ear-licking awesome. Darryl will also be joining us on the podcast that started it all.

What does this mean for you? Three for the price of free, that's what. We'll bring multiple perspectives, irreverent views, a contagious love and occasional complete disdain for the industry that stingily issues our Wonderbread and butter. You'll find us all together -- still live, still uncensored -- over at

So what are you waiting for? GO SUBSCRIBE AND FOLLOW OUR TWITTUMS! We love you.

Fo' life,

Bill + Angela + Darryl (which equals BAD as in BAD ASSSSSS).

05 September 2011

I Don't Normally Advocate Reanimating the Dead...

...but in this case, the result is almost epic. And stacking Charlize Theron in the same league as Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and other icons of glamour, under the roof of the Château de Versailles, doesn't smart all that much either. It was a quality choice. Requisite PR byte:
Our wish was to make everyone take part in a timeless, mythical and contemporary adventure, embodying the values of Dior. To help us achieve this task between dream and reality, we have chosen to put our trust into the hands of filmmaker Jean-Jacques Annaud, who has risen to the challenge in a most remarkable way.
-- CEO Guillaume Pannaud, of TBWA\PARIS.

Pas mal, guys, pas mal. The campaign went live yesterday and I'm hoping to see more development around this theme, because it would be a shame to leap into the stars like this and then fall flat with a series of weak follow-ups. Or no follow-up, just an aggressive TV placement campaign. Which is what often tends to happen with even the best perfume ads.

A Not-So-Improbable Future

It's the stuff that looks and feels like our reality, but isn't quite (yet), that's the most interesting to watch. They're like messages from the Great Beyond. 

(Or Blind Films. Whatever.)

...Swarovski gas masks? The sex!

Written and directed by Yukihiro Shoda. Via.

01 September 2011

A Purity Message from Pharrell Williams.

When you think clean starts, you think Pharrell Williams and a full bottle of vodka, right? Because I sure do!

Any work involving Pharrell rocks well, but Cutting Edge's Darryl Ward also has his hands all over this. Whether it actually gets you drinking Smirnoff is your business -- that brand's got a long hard road ahead of it if it wants to shake off the stigma of all those high-schoolers looking to get CRUNK! on a hot weekend.

But maybe with a price hike and more work like the above we can get serious.

Via Fubiz.