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08 February 2011

So I Guess Clio is the 'Queen' of Va Va Voom...

...which I guess would make Va Va Voom a country, which I guess would make all of the ravaged characters of this ad their citizens, or subjects ... or royal court?

And what gave Dita von Teese and Thierry Henry the clout to join this apparently epic collective? Is it just because the former strips well and the latter gawks well, and both those talents were needed to tie this thing together?*

This is failing to compute and feeling vaguely Citroën. And it disturbs me that they actually put Audrey Hepburn in the context of peeping Tom. That has probably never happened before, not even in the history of advertising.

Now let's check out the CTA. In one frame, we're asked to run a search on Facebook for "clio va va voom." So I did, trying to drum up a faint version of the ticklepants enthusiasm that a Clio fan would have. And in exchange for my valiant work, I got hit with this fun-pack of wackness:

Which of these destinations am I supposed to be clicking on?


*Oh right, Rihanna's in here too. But she's sucking on her finger so her role, like Dita's and Thierry's, also counts as ambiance.

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