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01 February 2011

AdVerve Episode 63: Cryptomeat, Revolution + Still No Jetpacks

No answers yet to why this is not our reality. Or yours.

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Dave Wilkie of Where's My Jetpack? (@jetpacks) and Radio Free Babylon joins us for some good-natured ad blogger fun. And there's a lot of that to be had in this king-sized episode. We cover your questions, Old Spice Guy redux, revolution in Egypt, Taco Bell’s iffy meat situation, sexy robots ... and, hell, for the very last time, why we still don't have an even distribution of jetpacks in the world. (There may be in Japan. Can somebody check?)

We even squeeze in an outright Social Media State of the Union, as it were. (And yes, we know it’s the GEICO gecko, not lizard. Listen to see what THAT means.)

Linky do-dahs:

- The Community Maturity Model - the chart to which Angela refers when she talks about how corporations can benchmark where they are in terms of openness and how far they have to go.
- Old Spice Guy is back! Let's slip into his milky brown eyes together.
- Gitanes, the cigarettes of patriots. (French ones.)
- Don Marquis' Archy & Mehitabel.

1 comment:

Howie-Shizzle said...

This is so funny. Dave is a crack up. And its great when you have a guest you both can run rampant with.