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18 June 2012

Suckling from the Milk of the Lion

I'm back at Cannes for the Lions and have posted my first piece on AdVerve, basically a few moody jokes and a quick survey of what came in the goodie bag. (The title of this post is a play on the bottle of anise that came in a box labeled "Lion's Milk." The tambourine was also inside. I do not know why.)

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I'll also be conducting interviews in tandem with AdForum for its Red Carpet series. My first interview took place this morning with Paul Price of Creative Realities (follow AdForum's coverage for that, or I'll update you later). Off-camera, Paul told me about 3D technology that will manipulate the moisture in the air to produce tactile holograms -- so maybe next year at SXSW, Tupac won't just be in concert, he'll be sweating all over the front row.

What an exciting world we live in.

Also, forgive the long delay between posts. I've been on vacation! I saw my family! It made me feel like Fievel.