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26 February 2010

I Wish. (Or Do I...?)

'Smoking Makes You a Slave to Tobacco.'

This campaign for BDDP & Fils for Association Droits des Non-Fumeurs just rubs me all kinds of wrong. Associating smoking with blowing Big Tabac, okay, whatever. But then taking the great grand leap into sex slavery?

I mean, really?

25 February 2010

Ladies, This is What We Fought For.

Viiiaaaaaaa This is Swordfish.

24 February 2010

AdVerve Episode 20: Call 1-800-AD-LAW-GUY

Have you or a loved one been injured by an ad or TV commercial? Call us. Now! Michael McSunas, @adlawguy on Twitter and a lawyer in real life, joins us for an episode wrought with disclaimer madness.

From images in the public domain, to why you can’t use that song you didn’t pay for, we nail it all. *smacks back of your head* Really? You needed to be told you can’t use that song in your spot without paying?!

We also break down why social media agencies would be advised to call Michael. His firm has him travel around the country and give presentations to ad agencies and brands on what things they might not be aware of when it comes to copyright issues.

(Email Michael for more info: mmcsunas *at* cbslawfirm *dot* com. It’s free for any agency interested. The catch? None. It's a self-promotional tool for his firm. So there.)

Play the show now:

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He's On a Horse!

And I want every man I ever love to smell like him. Which is a lot to say in defense of a brand my dad (and my grandpa!) wore.* Man, taking that batshit-wacky turn with Bruce Campbell, and never looking back, was the best thing you ever did, Old Spice.

See making-of (courtesy of M. M. McDermott over at the Renegade Agency Confessional):

More advert-orgasmics right here. Work by Wieden + Kennedy.

Things that Scare Me but Are Inevitable

22 February 2010

In Case You Ever Wondered...

...What Does 'Funny Money' Look Like?

The US penny gets a backlift for 2010. Face is still Lincoln, but maybe it won't be long before he's replaced wholesale by Captain America. Why not?

If it can't be valuable, it can at least be amusing.

15 February 2010

You Too Can Be King of the Jungle...

...with POWER G FORCE MAX! Energie imm├ędiate !

Every time I walk by this ad I collapse into an unsalvageable giggle pile. The Man™ has long since stopped asking me to quantify why I've decided this is just THE BEST THING EVER IN LIFE, so in hopes of dampening its INEXPLICABLE AWESOME!™ he took a picture and sent it to me, at the reception of which I collapsed into said unsalvageable giggle pile ALL. OVER. AGAIN.

How I Feel Sometimes.

Via. Also see other instances of modern surrealism.

13 February 2010

Your Cold, Languishing Problems Won't Be Soothed by Flowers.

They may, however, find peace in a shot at being solved. We give you "A Problem to Love," hypios' first annual $50K challenge.

We made the ad above, and all associated creative, in-house. Here are two of the ambiators that'll be promoting the contest on over the course of the next two months (it launches tomorrow; winners are announced April 14):

And here's Isaac Newton's Valentine, one of the comics made for us by David Meulemans, founder of Aux Forges de Vulcain:

Check out "A Problem to Love" at

...and Here's Where We All Cry for the Men Who Have It So, So, SO Hard

Not to say it's not a good position for the Dodge Charger. Quite the opposite. Listening to this long list of unhappy quotidian I will's made me start feeling all American Psycho.


12 February 2010

AdVerve Episode 18: Super Bowl Jesus

Post-Super Bowl and we only talk about one Super Bowl spot? Sure. Why not. From there, things morph into Jesus and how parents make kids go to church, thereby planting the seeds for their future interest in science fiction. Speaking of, prescient that the topic of science friction starts at 25:25. (You figure the reference out.) At least in our cases it did. From there, things devolve further into US imperialism and actors we hate. Mutually exclusive? Could be. Listen for yourselves, then judge, won’t you?

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08 February 2010

Google's 'Parisian Love' Sweeps the Super Bowl

So word on the street is that Google ended up debuting its Search Stories campaign on TV during Super Bowl Sunday. The effort's darling is the classic American-in-Paris love story, told in a new -- and I'd say rather sublime -- way: with search results and ambient sounds.

It goes against typical Super Bowl lore that the work wasn't new; I covered it in December, when it had already been circulating the 'net for a month, seizing hearts in a kind of sleeper effect.

From Eric Schmidt:

We didn't set out to do a Super Bowl ad, or even a TV ad for search. Our goal was simply to create a series of short online videos about our products and our users, and how they interact. But we liked this video so much, and it's had such a positive reaction on YouTube, that we decided to share it with a wider audience.

It may come off pointless or even counterproductive for Google to run an ad for its search service, which already dominates over 70% of US searches, particularly when it's got Chrome to promote, plus Nexus One, plus the prospective tablet that received absolutely no love in the shadow of Apple's iPad.

But I'd say it was a good call: it's a reminder that "search" is now the world's "official language." It's a skill that has to be taught if you want to develop a mastery, and the ad demonstrates clearly how the simple act of running searches can "teach" you maximize the likelihood you'll find what you're looking for -- even if the goal is unforeseen and intangible, like love or meaningful long-term relationships.

More importantly, it positions Google as the "owner" of this language. Search isn't really about newer, faster technology. It's about connecting people -- we, the creators and curators and consumers of data -- in useful, intuitive and compelling ways.

That it's already been parodied in the gaudiest way imaginable only strengthens this position: isn't it true that in the process of learning a language, it's always the dirtiest elements that resonate best? =P

If you have a sec, read Robin Sloan's take on telling stories with interfaces, inspired by the "Parisian Love" piece and the lovely memes that came before it.

05 February 2010

Perspective: Priceless™.

04 February 2010

I Hereby Demand Hugs from Everyone Alive

I noticed the other day that people on Facebook were running searches for their names on and posting the definitions in their status bars.

Didn't think much of this until Ben Kunz said the meme was a viral stunt that originated from Urban Dictionary itself.

This changes everything!

(Also via.)

03 February 2010

AdVerve Episode 17: PR Patois

Aka, the art of the release, pitch, whatevuh. Ad blog slash PR dude Dan Barron joins the fun as we talk about all the ways PR releases make us crazy. He also explains a lot of what goes on behind the scenes, which in turn, makes us whiny little babies who, in turn, go on a podcast and complain about it.

Download the show directly here. Or subscribe via iTunes: Bill Green and Angela Natividad - AdVerve - AdVerve


00:00 – 1. For immediate release...
45:07 – 2. What we look for
55:51 – 3. PR is your friend
58:46 – 4. That’s a wrap...


Send questions, comments or requests for newsletter inclusion to advervepodcast [at] gmail [dot] com. You can also leave a review.

02 February 2010

Because You Just MIGHT Wanna Wear Ayn Rand On Your Sleeve.

You Lolita lovers or Holden Caulfield sympathizers, Out of Print has the tee for you!

Conveniently vintaged-out in advance! And just in time to honour the passing of JD Salinger.

...But What if You Like Soundbytes?

Charlie Brooker explains how to walk the reporter walk and talk the reporter talk. Wait for the part with the lighthouse keeper and the laserbeam!

Via homie Beeg.