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07 February 2011

Super Bowl Ads on Facebook Sports

This is gonna kill USA Today's Ad Meter and all the other half-assed (or even unreasonably laboured-upon) Super Bowl ad feedback measuring services out there.

Laggage between ad airtime and its appearance on the page isn't terrible, but not as quick as the ad blogs that have been covering the Super Bowl professionally for years. But that you can do something as simple as merely Like an ad in real-time, on the platform everybody - not just the ad junkies - suckles from like a huge node, changes the arena entirely.

Plus it's intuitive and characteristically neat. AND THE VIDEO HOSTING IS BUILT-IN!

Question is, how are people finding it? I found it on Inside Facebook.

Some context on the significance of this move from the aforementioned:

More than 182 million people Like a team, athlete, league or sports activity on Facebook and referral traffic to sports sites has increased by more than 180% in the past year. Watching sports is a fundamentally social activity, as is watching commercials. Users may seek to consume the commercials where they can easily discuss them with friends, so Google’s AdBlitz could lose a significant share of watchers to Facebook Replay. After all, users will already be on the social network cheering on their favorite team.

Hope it doesn't blow this by failing to release a report. Because that would be incredibly stupid. Well, no; I suppose the rest of the world will release a report based on these figures anyway. Oh, the power of the hive.

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