Angela Natividad's Live & Uncensored!

10 May 2020

Rules for the Immediate Term

  • Be indulgent with friends, who are fighting demons of existential neuroses, even if they're fronting like it's all good. That's a coping strategy, like manic baking and oversleeping. (I know, because it's mine.) Some people have never been alone with themselves this long.
  • Be patient with colleagues and clients; it's hard to take the concept of "bottom lines" seriously right now, even if it defines survival for most of us. No one knows what'll matter when this ends, or how the levers of civilisation will alter. "Base reality" is literally under construction. We won't get another grace period like this in our lives.
  • Forgive yourself. If it's all taking a toll, make your standard no higher than One Big Thing to do each day. Everything else can be cream on top. You'll advance, slow but sure. It'll keep the creeping strangeness at bay.
  • Be real with people. Don't lead them on, or ghost them if you've made a commitment: Don't create more chaos. If you did, give them peace.

Cooperation is our superpower. If the best you can do right now is mind yourself and your mental health, help others by not adding to their neurotic demon echo chamber.

I hug you all, but only figuratively.