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16 February 2011

Jim Beam Chases Dafoe with ... Red Stag?

It's pretty and all, but there are no feelings left afterward. I've half forgotten it and it's only been 46 seconds. In terms of production though, MassMarket did a gorgeous job; it was like Sin City without bleeding, and cannibals, and sexy women.

Feel like StrawberryFrog could be doing more with the Dafoe idea, though. You could turn that into a beautiful assembly line, each ad focusing on one actor and his own perspective on choices. People collect stuff like that, gather up all the variations in their sensory treasure coffers. I'm thinking American Express! I'm thinking Visa Go World!

Or not.

1 comment:

Garygarry said...

The spot is wrong on so many levels it's making my head spin...back to the 70s with graphite and red and the Uber-Gravelly-voice *epic fail*