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27 August 2012

Brands in My Newsfeed

Just a snapshot of the brands that popped up in my newsfeed yesterday afternoon. They practically hit me one after the other. My responses to them:

  • I read the Obama one pretty closely, as I found the photo compelling and relatable -- two things Obama happens to be good at in the social space.
  • I usually peep Good but didn't this time; I'm kinda over the existential humans vs chimpanzees ruminating, and the infographic had that ugly, hard-to-read background colour.
  • Method I read because I'm a hardcore fangirl. Usually the imagery is more interesting but I did go through all the comments out of curiosity. I identified with the people who were like "My Target doesn't carry all that" and noticed Method didn't really reply, which vaguely embarrassed me because HEY, FANGIRL.
  • YSL -- I read the text because the photo was cute and wanted to know the story behind it. And then I got kind of weirded out by this whole "the most Amazonian of Parisians" description. Did I find her Amazonian? Not sure.
  • The champagne ad: I looked at it because the colours were pretty but didn't feel it particularly spoke to me. This guy is maybe two shares away from me de-newsfeeding him, actually.
  • LOVED the Game of Thrones share. Even though this group's English is horrible they often find shareable GoT stuff that I end up sharing with other people. And what girl doesn't love Daenarys? I ask you, what girl? If you find one, I don't want to be friends with her because ew, she probably likes Sansa.

02 August 2012

15 Minutes of Meaning, for Jonah Lehrer and All Our Golden Calves

Like one of Kafka's machines, every time we slice someone, it slices us in the same place but not quite as deep and so quickly you hardly feel it. This may just be the nature of the journalism mechanism, but I worry most of us don't even know when we're bleeding. 

- The Atlantic's Alexis Madrigal on Jonah Lehrer's 15 minutes, and what we made them mean.