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14 February 2011

This V-Day, Patent Your Kiss.

Why settle for flowers, chocolate or a novelty named star when you can give commercial life to the act that gives you sweats and flutters? Patent your kiss with Harlequin.

In early February, Harlequin filed for a US patent on what it calls The Essential Romantic Kiss as a tribute to everyone who may want to share one. There's also plenty on-site for the more adventurous, which is awesome, because I can't describe the relief I felt when I clicked on the gallery of kisses and found they weren't just uploaded shots of the glossy lips of 12- to 35-year-old girls. (Yes. Girls. Like Mariah Carey!) And the submit-your-kiss tool is surprisingly fun to play with.

If sharing and learning isn't sufficient opportunity to dive in apucker, you can also enter your kiss for free trip to Las Vegas, where, curiously, romance normally goes to succumb to avarice and die. You'd think a publishing house best known for its corset-tearing longhair heroes would send you somewhere that better fits the narrative, like, oh, San Ysidro Ranch.

But maybe they only accounted for places with Eiffel Towers in them...?

(To be fair to Harlequin though, it is among the rare publishing houses that's finding a way to evolve and flourish in the face of new technology and ADD. Much like its earthier cousin, hardcore porn!)

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