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23 February 2011

'Choose Your Own One Night Stand'

That's as appropriate a name as any for the execution that claims to be Facebook's first-ever photo game "completely using FB photo albums," per Joe Sabia of that one agency I'm in love with until I die.

Brought into your (hopefully) lovin' arms by Whirled for LA's Spot, the idea behind Choose Your Own One Night Stand is to make decisions, driven by a series of photos, by clicking on links:

The objective: to end up banging the person you started pursuing from frame 1. Like in Choose Your Own Adventure, there may be dragons that cockblock you in your majestic quest. But sometimes magic happens.

I feel like such a sex god right now, and I didn't even have to get out of my office chair. Couldn't tag myself in the last frame, though. I don't really get how tags work anymore because Facebook's gone and convoluted everything. Le sigh.

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