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01 March 2011

The Silver-Bullet CTA ... If You're a Panty Vendor.

You can always rely on German e-boutique Liaison dangereuse to come up with an angle its counterparts haven't considered. (Remember sexy burqa girl?) But this is one of those ideas that seems so tie so naturally into the free and fetishist world of lingerie that you wonder why it wasn't done before.

"Striptease Shopping" is exactly what it sounds like. For Valentine's Day in Germany, men were drawn to the site via banner ads and invited to pick out a lingerie set for their honeys. (A full set isn't cheap, either, and if Dude will get some anywhere but Frederick's of Hollywood, any woman worth her box of Cailler finds herself awestruck ... and touched.)

The killer call-to-action: men were drawn to one piece or another by a seductive dance, but a full striptease was performed only after the sale was closed. Traffic rose 155% that day, and sales hit a 50% high: an enormous margin for lace.

Intelligent work that actually gives the category's inherent sexiness a practical advantage. The natural question that comes to mind, though, is, "Why pay for a peep show when you can get an innumerable number online for free?"

The only response I can think of is the classic, "If two competitive products are more or less the same, but one comes bearing a bio-friendly nod or a kickback to charity, it is this one that will be chosen."

In short, the burden of choice is lifted by the sense of altruism and selflessness that the latter is also selling. In this case, you're being sold the gratification of your spouse for the quite reasonable exchange of guiltless digital sex. You'd have spent the money anyway ... but this way, two people, not just one, have a happy holiday.

Agency: Serviceplan, Munich. Via @BranislavPeric.

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