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09 March 2011

Video: Starbucks Logo Unveil

Here's some footage I took of Starbucks unveiling its new logo at the Opéra store in Paris, the first French Starbucks location to open seven years ago. The logo unveil happened yesterday in New York, London and Beijing. The marquee didn't show up that well on the camera, so to see the different logos (and read what each represents), click here.

There was plenty of symbolism behind this gesture, from the grand to the mundane: every logo change has represented a change in the Starbucks story, and this one, according to US President Cliff Burrows, represents the "liberation" of the Siren - which also, as previously discussed, liberates Starbucks to explore new paths to profit.

The logo change also coincides with the brand's 40th anniversary. Back in Paris, proofs of its strengthened commitment to go green are also visible in the revamped store (for which we also fêted its 7th year in business): nearly everything down to the Haussmann doors has been recuperated for reuse. (I did wonder where all the old aprons and cups with the old logo went, but nobody seemed to know.)

Finally, champagne and a round of "joyeux anniversaire" kicked off concurrent celebration for store manager Nicolas' birthday. What a happy coincidence. Are the stars aligned over Seattle?

I'll have footage of my interview with Burrows up in a bit. More videos below the drop.

The store exterior an hour prior:

Coffee jetpacks barista serves me a thimbleful of Starbucks' Tribute Blend, an anniversary melange of beans from the three coffee-growing regions. The new logo features prominently on cup and his apron:

The snappy new interior of the Starbucks Opéra store, all decked-out and at the service of salivating, moody journalists and bloggers:

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