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17 March 2011

Adidas, All In

It's a sexy and energetic ad, a montage of dopamine-driven personal climaxes and all-eyes-on-me moments of glory, given a personal touch: the dramatic infusion of stars we know well.

Will it change your life? Nah, it's just a sports ad. But this is a fine example of how to do (or is it rock?) a sports ad, especially if you want to look exactly like Adidas and Nike. (To be fair to the tenacity of this marketing strategy, people are fickle about sneaker brands. They fall in and out of love in the space of a few months - the time it takes before new kicks are needed on the schoolyard. But Adidas and Nike have held their own for years, across generations, lifestyles and age groups.)

"All In" went live yesterday on the Adidas Facebook page. It's enjoyed nearly a thousand "Likes" already: modest praise for a brand this size. See screenshot:


Miss P said...

There you go writing about stuff I worked on again. Remeber when we used to feed the ducks on Lake Merritt?

Angela Natividad said...

That feels like it was another life away. I miss that, Stephrox, and I miss your DJ nights at Arrow!