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21 March 2011

AdVerve Episode 69: Supermoon to Super Mario

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We hit you with some old-school 5 for 5, running the gamut from natural disasters to sports marketing. Bill also wilds out on pet rights, I express abject disinterest in the AT&T/T-Mobile merger, and the whole thing basically devolves into a rumination on horror cinema. Vampires and zombies manifest heavily as usual, but no opportunities for a Twilight or Buffy joke are taken. (This means we’re maturing.)

Hell, there's even a little tangent on hot music streaming sites! We hope we lead you to something magic for your ears.

Super Linkamaroo:

- Supermoon (& on Flickr)
- Samsung Galaxy microchip art
- Grooveshark
- Soundcloud
- Hypemachine
- Daytrotter
- The Hood Internet
- Mad Decent
- Some Kind of Awesome
- Said The Gramophone
- Super Mario live action
- FPS Mario
- “Undeveloped
- DDB Blog featuring Angela's singularity manifesto
- BFG Comm Blog
- Bandwagon

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