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02 March 2011

Gucci Guilty: All the Elements of a Story ... Except that There Isn't One.

This is the problem with perfume advertising. Grab an awesome director (in this case Frank Miller), tint the frame to fit his style, toss a couple of docile actors into a series of fragmented, unrelated scenes that somehow involve both passionate sex and the promise of a tragic burnout love; and lace the whole thing together with a hipster band (Bat for Lashes).

And there's no real story, you know? No logic, no sequence. Nothing about this ever really makes sense.

Cases in point (some good, some bad, all bad in the sense that they remake the exact same vapid mousetrap):

Come on, guys. When dealing with perfume, what else comes to mind besides "seduction" and "sexy lingering essence of you"?

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