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05 March 2011

AdVerve Episode 66 - Relationships in Advertising

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Friend and fellow podcaster Bob Knorpp of the notorious BeanCast (@TheBeanCast) joins us to get intimate about relationships in advertising:

  • How your personal life gets affected by strange work, weird hours and random traveling

  • How love can bloom in the damnedest ways

  • How a combination of loneliness and drinking can make even the most stalwart ad soldier a slobbering mess of hold-me-closies

  • How intimacy can bloom in many awesome, dangerous or dangerously awesome forms. We talk Father Figure Complex!

  • Prioritising personal + professional time

  • NEPOTISM <-- this is Bill's favourite

The whole thing wraps nahcely with our homegrown takeaway relationships-in-advertising advice. And there’s a few stories in there that as usual will probably get us all into trouble. We live dangerously in these here internets.

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