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24 November 2009

Your Domestic Flights Hurt Bears.

This stressful piece of web cinema is brought to you by Plane Stupid, with help from agency Mother and production firm Rattling Stick.

The argument: every passenger on a given European flight is responsible for the addition of 400kg of greenhouse gases -- the weight of an adult polar bear.

If this makes you unhappy, and I'm sure it does, assuage your guilty conscience with a donation, which Plane Stupid promises will be used on "an action next spring" as opposed to fancy office chairs.

Frequent traveler? Go the extra mile (HEH!) and roadtrip. Trains are also quite relaxing. For the truly adventurous: take a boat sometime! But leave the dubloons at home ... just in case.


Unknown said...

The math of this commercial makes no sense. At all.

Anonymous said...

It’s the math of polarizing ideas. It never will. LOOK AT ME. I MADE A JOKE. POLAR BEARS > POLARIZING.