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26 November 2009

AdVerve Episode 7: The Thanksgiving show - iGod, Naughty Words and the Poetry of Tila Tequila

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This week's AdVerve is an icon-heavy melange featuring social networks, Oprah, and ... yes, an angry poem by Tila Tequila. (LISTEN TO TILA GET ALL NSFW N’ SHIT!)

First, we kick this week's episode off with an email from Chris, a listener from Japan, whose words of love warmed our figurative cockles. Then, just for sport, Bill suggests Twitter's dying even though he doesn't actually believe it.

We talk Oprah. AS America. Then comes a literary moment featuring our favorite social media photo whore poet and entrepreneur, Tila Tequila. This is followed by some saucy wordplay, featuring trigger words that instantly put people in fight-mode.

You get your five minutes with David Griner, star of AdFreak, The Social Path and Luckie & Co. Steve Jobs (iGod or iDouche?) gets his moment in the sun, and then a treat! — Charlie Bit Me, auto-tuned.

Last but not least, we discuss a weird wave of suicides going down at France Telecom. Not gonna say much about it here; listen to the 'cast, man. But if you read en français, you can get a gist here.

Topics by timestamp:

00:06 – 1. Intro - we get email
01:53 – 2. Twitter die, MySpace try
09:23 – 3. Twitter CPR
13:18 – 4. Oprah IS America
16:38 – 5. Getting distracted with Tila Tequila
20:04 – 6. Oprah resurfaces
23:31 – 7. Wordplay
31:27 – 8. Five minutes with... David Griner
36:40 – 9. Steve Jobs is a dude
38:08 – 10. Charlie Bit Us - Viralosity
51:44 – 11. Facebooked
55:44 – 12. French suicides
01:04:46 – 13. That’s a wrap

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