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22 November 2009

"Et si Noël durait plus qu'un Noël ?"

"What if Christmas lasted longer than a Christmas?"

This spot for Orange, where a sweltering city breaks out its secret snowball reserves to extend holiday spirit beyond its normal shelf life, is brimming with so much warmth and good cheer that you'd never guess parent company France Telecom is being pummeled by a wave of suicides.

26 (and counting!) since February '08!

It'd be overstating to say the company's managing the onrush of media attention adequately. Generally -- the most recent suicide included -- FT highlights the personal and psychological problems of the dead instead of acknowledging the thread that ties them all together: the company paying their salaries.

Not a terribly sympathetic position. (And a macabre contrast to the work above.)

Orange is the marque phare (spearhead brand) of the France Telecom suite. It is the primary provider of iPhone service in France.

The spot -- which I quite like, all things considered -- was created by Publicis Conseil and production house Irène. Music: Christmas is a-Coming (Chicken Crows at Midnight) by Leadbelly.

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