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30 March 2011

I Would Totally Buy Mendelssohn Milk.

This is one of those ideas that seems incredibly unlikely, unwieldy and volatile. But once execution starts, with the conviction and seriousness that would accompany something infinitely less insane, you find yourself captivated.

How to sell a concert hall? Concert milk! You're like, "...No." I know, right?!

But it works.

The example also shows how we resign ourselves to thinking about our product the way users (or the apathetic) do: classical music makes me sleepy, I can't dance to it, I don't want to listen, there is no place for these sounds in a blue collar space. You're now thinking of the product - in this case, classical music - as mere sound, something that can only please and penetrate the ears.

But it isn't the case. Music is ambiance, experience; in this case it literally (well, supposedly) changes the way milk tastes. Then, in a way, it becomes ingestible. On top of that, you have the packaging: the relic that educates users in an art that once felt remote and inaccessible ... while empowering them to tell and retell this story.

That's a truly transformative way to approach a marketing challenge.

Work by Jung von Matt for Konzerthaus Dortmund. And thanks to Kelly Eidson for sending me the video. :)


Howie-Shizzle said...

I wonder if Punk music would produce Chocolate Milk?

Angela Natividad said...

Strawberry. With swirls!