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07 January 2011

AdVerve Episode 60: The Cold Eggnog Holiday Edition

Play the show now.

We actually recorded this show early last week but time didn't permit us to post it. Consider this a retreat back to winter break.

(For a proper year-end wrapup, GET YOU SOME BEANCAST! Bob's two-hour special features John Wall, Ken Wheaton and us truly.)

We do a quick run-through of holiday likes and gripes, including agency cards, holiday traditions, films, ads and music. There's also a brief but beefy manifesto on why we hate flashmobs more than anything else made by man. It's a lot, so we stretch it out to 45 whole minutes. (Dig 45 minutes better than 30? We're kinda likin' it, but tell us what YOU think.)

Also, Bill goes off on a tear about hateables on Twitter. It's a riot times 10, and all the better for sending you off on your way toward 2011.

Link sausages:

- Stupid Dell XPS laptop flashmob in apathetic café setting.
- Burberry's bohemian holiday folk track.
- Modea's Buzzword Bingo.
- Help Luckie decide where to give.
- Have a half-assed crowdsourced Ducati Christmas.
- BONUS: A Christmas Story gangsta remix.
- BONUS: Chinese dude claims having sexual tryst with alien. (In French, but Google Translate that bad-boy.)

Image credit: Culturemob, for A Christmas Story: the Musical.

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