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15 December 2010

Trapped in Meeting Hell? BUZZWORD BINGO TIIIME!

One agency that never half-asses its holiday card is Modea (see last year's Santa iPhone). It doesn't just look to be cool, it shoots for contagion.

As a tongue-in-cheek way of steeling itself - and your precious ears - against the ubiquity of buzzwords (the audio variant of HFCS), it's developed Buzzword Bingo, an app that lets you, uh, play the hand you're dealt if you're being forced to listen. In the unlikely instance that you don't score "synergy" at the next marketing meeting, just go for the low-hanging fruit: "strategy," "brand," "leverage," "buzz." There's no way you can't win.

The game is free for iPad users. An iPhone variant is in the works for those of you who want to score some under-the-table action. Nice way to get Modea's culture and name in the hands of plenty of phones - particularly those of creatives in competing digital service agencies. (Like this one.)

To its happy holiday message, Modea also wishes you a buzzword-free year. That ain't gonna happen, but it's a very pretty hope.

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