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04 January 2011

Debtris: The Game of US/UK Debts (Among Other Things)

This data visualisation illustrates expenditures that have contributed to US debt, Tetris-style. It's a fun watch if you like stress.

Note there's a lot of other info in there that's not strictly tied to US debt: Wall St. bonuses in '09 ($115 billion), WalMart's revenue ($405 billion), what it would cost to save the Amazon ($21 billion), and annual donations to charity made by Americans ($308 billion).

Enough randomness to make the name of the video deceptive (if catchy). It also kinda sucks that lines never vanish (but maybe that's the point).

There's also a UK version:

All told, it makes okay* advertising for Information is Beautiful, which aims to illuminate the hivemind - one data visualisation at a time.


*Yeah, just okay.

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