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17 January 2011

AdVerve Episode 61: A Grand Communications Condom

But will it protect them from pop-ups? Via.

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Theoretical artist Ben Kunz (@benkunz) of Thought Gadgets and Media Associates kicks off the year with us in a conversation about what the cool kids are after: Quora, curation, and a bigger TV in the basement.....?

We also squeeze in some ruminations on the future of the postal service, Netflix and Ben's suspect affinity to the youngest son of the 12 sons of Abraham. Trust us though, it all comes 360° and wraps nice-and-tidy into the title which drew you hither: users manifesting a profound subconscious need for a communications condom.


*Note: On the story Bill recounts of Caron Butler's Mountain Dew addiction, we claimed he drank nine liters of the fizzy green juice a day. It was actually two liters (which is still a lot of Dew, but not as much as nine, which could probably kill you).


- Borders vs Barnes & Nobles vs Amazon
- Consumer study on vehicle brand value
- Caron Butler's Mountain Dew addiction
- Whitney Tilson: Why We're Short Netflix
- Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Responds to Whitney Tilson
- The official sitch on the US Postal Service

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