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22 October 2010

It's Like Capture the Flag ... But with Strangers!

This idea's so off the chains that it's terrifying how awesome it is. Jung von Matt's iPhone application-cum-living-game, Mini Getaway Stockholm, is gonna have at least a couple of die-hard people shooting up out of their office cubicles at work and making a run for it with no apparent explanation. Meanwhilst, all the cool kids in town will burst into spontaneous dash, like an improv mob of purse-snatchers or very-late-for-train-goers.

We've arrived at a time when it's strategically and technologically possible to do I Love Bees-caliber work on a more easily executable and less commitment-heavy scale. This is exciting!

Only wish I could play, though I'd probably just be good for about 2.6 days before saying screw it and letting my virtual Mini slide, ballerina-like, into the ownership of the nearest digital gamestalker.

Such is life. There will be other spoils of adverwar. Consider.

(Thanks @contagiousmag for being a share bear.)

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