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04 October 2010

Nikon's 'Who Are You?' Campaign for Facebook

Nikon's latest follows trends among camera brands to seize upon users' desires to snapshot pieces of themselves and integrate them into a bigger tapestry: a melange of amateur and pro photos that manifests universal themes.

"Who Are You?" is a Facebook application/contest that's seeking personal entries with customised taglines following the format "I Am ________." You'll be able to share your work, and a pithy existential reflection about your own identity, with Nikon and your Facebook friends.

The engagement proposition is simple enough that barriers to entry are low, and structured enough that most entries easily amplify the underlying thesis: "I AM NIKON." We all have some artistic philosophy to share about life, right? And post digital revolution, everybody's a photographer. (For better or worse.) For Nikon, these are good buttons to push down on.

The Facebook main page takes a hell of a time to load, but its presentation is equally stark and to-the-point:

Details are clear and easy to navigate: how to participate, gallery of popular entries, simple breakdown of prizes: each entry makes you eligible to win a Nikon camera or other photography-related prizes. That's incentive enough for what this campaign is, but don't be fooled: critical mass will be attracted as much by a desire to share something personal as by the hope of winning the raffle. "Who Are You?" makes the former easy ... and it also makes the entries look good, which will drive users to share out of pride, or something like it.

Worth considering when structuring an engagement campaign. It doesn't have to be super-complicated: just remember why it is users use the medium in the first place. And find an uncontrived way to tie that back to you.

As things stand, there aren't any YouTube videos promoting "Who Are You?", but I imagine we'll start to see a few Nikon montages once award-nominating time comes around...

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