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08 October 2010

Moleskine Pac-Man!

Moleskine celebrates Pac-Man's 30th anniversary with a special Pac-Man notebook and this cute little promotional video (which conveniently also plugs the hidden pocket's secret wares).

It's stuff like this that keeps a notebook company (of all things!) relevant to the heartbeats of twenty- and thirty-somethings, particularly the self-referential geeks who grew up with that first suite of joystick games (noble precursors of Xbox and Wii!), feed on retro throwbacks like dogs on catsteak, and pride themselves on maintaining vestiges of a simpler time. (At least in show. If the notebook is among our favourite manifestations of this tendency, it's due in part to Moleskine's simple product, clever spinoff decisions, gentle encouragement of budding fan communities, and consistent message.)*

What is it about Pac-Man that makes other companies - Google, Moleskine - want to take a piece of it and call it their own?

I'm not complaining, I love this stuff. It's just funny, that's all.



*Actually, I have no idea whether thirty-somethings swallow Moleskines the way twenty-somethings do. I can really only speak with confidence for my generation - not just because I'm part of it, but also because for my uni thesis I conducted a complex and lengthy study on brand loyalty among Echo Boomers of all income classes. Basically I discovered girls are more brand-promiscuous than boys, everything we think makes us profoundly unique is what defines us as a group (including our supposedly eclectic interest in both underground hip-hop and our parents' 8-tracks), and everyone buys Nike.

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Ex-Chief Alien said...

Leave it to you to get deep into Brand theory across cohorts on a Pac-Mac Moleskin Post! Love the spot. Love the Moleskin just hate its name. Not sure why. Unless of course Mole is meant to be like Mole Sauce vs the dirt digging blind rat or the skin blemish.