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06 October 2010

It's the Mobile Case Hemingway Would Have Used.

By gad, my darlings, it's Moleskine iPhone and iPad covers!

The features and style of both Covers are those of a classic Moleskine notebook: sleek rounded corners, strong elastic band, and the legendary smooth black cover. Inside, a lighter suede lining protects the electronic device against impact and scratches, alongside a Volant notebook with plain pages...
You know you want summa this hipster sex toy. Preorder on yonder Amazon.*


*This is how I talk after four days in Cannes. You know what this place can do to a person.


Ben Kunz said...

This is absolutely stupid. And, yes, I want one.

Angela Natividad said...

of course you do, it's science.

Worse than that: is it wrong that this makes me want an iPad? This, like, in complete isolation?