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07 October 2010

AdVerve Episode 49: Immediacracy

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Everyone has access to any story – or do they? People want it right now more than they want it right — maybe.

Photojournalist Debbi Morello adds a different perspective on those questions in what can be only called stream-of-consciousness media rant meets technology with a journalism chaser. Not since Esquire labeled The View’s Hot Topics “a mesmerizing ballet of passion and ignorance” has a show description been more apt.

CAUTION: JOURNOS WILL CRINGE. We also check off life during wartime via Deb’s compelling lens.

I wasn't in it for this episode because of wifi frustrations having to do with being in Cannes. (Believe me, we tried, and it all went horribly wrong.) But damn, this episode is tase-teh.

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