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25 October 2010

AdVerve Episode 51: Ignoranima

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No guest this week, so we springboard in 58 different direction as we often like to do. We kick off with Maureen Dowd's article on how Sarah Palin makes ignorance chic, fertilizing the warm podcasty earth for the blossoms of debate: portrayals of women in power, patriotism and American governments/companies, fameballing on the coat-tails of Steve Jobs and all those goddamn strikes that are always happening everywhere (but especially in France).

We also steamroll our rage tractors into The Social Network, the Zuckerberg factor, and if Aaron Sorkin is man-biased.

Take that venty venti latté to go, kids. It's wild in this here West.

Wünderbar linkaroos:

- Making Ignorance Chic
- (...speaking of,) Chelsea Kate Isaacs tries repositioning self as drunk sexy vlogger. A new ego's born every minute, and this one's full-grown!
- Aaron Sorkin responds to Ken Levine's review of The Social Network, and assertions that it was misogynistic. (His response is in the comments and worth the read.)
- The Niqabitches

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The Great Rashimoto said...

Idk if you've seen this. Its kinda old I guess but I've been behind on the times. Anyway, thought of you when I saw it lol