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06 October 2010

MIPCOM's Interview with Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss

Mad Men's Jon Hamm (Don Draper) and Elisabeth Moss (Peggy Olson) sat with MIPCOM's news team yesterday for an interview at the Hotel Martinez. (Off-topic: Do you think they just dress like that now, out of habit?)

The interview was conducted by Reed MIDEM's James Martin, community manager of the conference parent's social strategy. Together they discuss whether things have changed since the '60s, if Moss and Hamm consider their work the equivalent of art-house cinema, and what they think of all those anonymous Twitter users posing as Mad Men characters. (Remember AMC's little freak-out over that?)

On the red carpet this week, Moss and Hamm talked to reporters about the impact of Mad Men. Hamm says the show isn't really about advertising at all (though it's done a great job of generating interest in its speckled history); it's about the human condition - the pulp of all great drama.

Moss said that the outfits also make a significant impression. "We didn't invent them," she emphasised, suggesting that maybe, in this frenetic atmosphere of excess, people were primed for the class and restraint that once manifested in fashion. (To be sure, AMC's tried profiting from users eager to refashion an identity through the lens of that period.)

Just for posterity, Hamm let me record him telling me what respect he has for ad men, then and now. (The vid sucks, buuuuuut I guess that's why that's not my job. :P )

If inclined, take a looky-loo at my red carpet photos.

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