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17 October 2010

AdVerve Episode 50: Evaporatively Cooling SocNets

Douglas Coupland, warning you about Street Map-infused dreams.

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Deb Wiseman (@wisey) of Media Monitors revisits us from Down Undah. We play 5 x 5 x 5 and explore such existential topicality as dystopic futurists spinning social media into a hell-bound handbasket, Australian do-overs (including this show, which we tried and failed to record two weeks ago), Gap's logo takeback, cyber bullying and out-of-closet suicides.

There's also a little bit of politicking and this whole evaporative cooling thing, deftly applied to Silicon Valley and then hippies.

Link badness:

- Douglas Coupland's Dictionary of the Near Future (NY Times)
- A Radical Pessimist's Guide to the Next 10 Years (Globe and Mail)
The Evaporative Cooling Effect
- Ben Elton's Blind Faith
- TwittaBling

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