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04 October 2010

FCUK's Youtique: Your YouTube E-Store!

French Connection United Kingdom's gunning for a little social media infamy. It was the first brand (at least, the first we knew of) to dive into ChatRoulette with a campaign targeted specifically to its drive-by lurkers.

Since then, and with help from agency Poke, it's launched Youtique. The latter aims to give you a YouTube-based retail store experience, complete with nurturing how-tos and an efficient path to check-out.

Mimicking either situational comedy or the intimacy of a personal shopping experience (or both?), minimalist how-tos, sometimes featuring stylist Louse Roe, teach users how to "sparkle at a wedding," "look irresistible the morning after," "look awesome in the office" and even "catch a bouquet elegantly." But it isn't all polish and perfect primrose points.

Here's an ironic piece on that most treacherous of social rituals, eating spaghetti in style:

"Buy" buttons appear around halfway through each piece, aiming to profit from an endorphin-charged impulse buy:

Clicking on either button takes you to an e-boutique page dedicated to whatever clothing was featured. Pick your size, make the purchase. It's that easy - maybe deceptively so, as it leaves us all wondering, "Why don't we see more of this?"


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Howie said...

I wonder if that is real FCUKin Fur! LOL