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13 October 2010

When Email Can Screw You! - @AdLawGuy Talks Shop

Not always, honey bunny.

In case you missed it, @adlawguy's advice from last week's AdVerve e-newsy was "Don't Put It In Writing." It cites the one time in your creative career you should think twice before leaving a paper trail behind. The situation isn't as rare as you'd think, and it's good to keep in mind, especially in these creatively derivative times. :P (Former guest Joe La Pompe can talk to you all about that subject.)

A snippety-snip:

While most lawyers will rightly tell you to put everything in writing, there is one area in which you definitely want to think twice about leaving a paper trail.

When I get an email that says “We want to do a take-off on Star Wars, can we do it?”

My immediate response is "Not anymore."

Here's a copy of the newsletter if you want to read the rest. (You can also listen to guest Debbie Morello go into JOURNO RANT mode! It's our favourite state of being.)

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