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30 September 2010

Diesel Sneaks: Not for Running

Rather than position itself as just another running shoe, Diesel took a slightly different approach to punting its sneakers. They're not made for traversing the nearest asphalt path on a quest for futile glory; they're made for kickin' ass (and, by implication, takin' names).

The :60 web video that propagates this ideal depicts a Diesel sneaker in demonstration mode. Witness while the asses of dentists, evil neighbours, mimes and Third World dictators are judiciously kicked. As a bonus, you get gratuitous slow-mo of their facial responses.

And here's a futuristic German-speaking vid on the Ass-Kicking Sneaker of the Future:

Wunderbar. So wunderbar!

Love that quirky, left of center naughty imp Diesel action. No shock here from the brand that gave us Be Stupid, Pete the Meat Puppet and SFW XXX. And definitely more creative than the ill-advised Lugz Funkmaster Flex "driving" shoe. (I mean, really?)

As a bonus, watch a 3D video of the kick-ass sneakers training center.

Via Influencia. More where that came from at DieselPlanet.

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