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15 December 2010

Google Zeitgeist’s 2010 in Review

At the end of every year, Google Zeitgeist releases an intuitive report about how the world searched over its course. The lists are impressive data sheets of golden calves ("world cup," "chatroulette," "swine flu," "slum dog millionaire") dearly departed: a tribute to how quickly time moves, and we with it.

This year they gave that information an extra touch: a video illustration that manages to promote the existence of Zeitgeist, serve Google's Search On manifesto, and strike the nostalgia key pitch-perfectly. (A thin tightrope, artfully walked.) We give you the world's collectively shared 2010, neatly packaged in less than three minutes:

The video's remained within the top five of the Viral Video Charts for the last handful of days. It also got a tributory tweet from @ericschmidt hisself - that can't hurt. But more importantly, it left us with the sense of having witnessed and shared an important blip in time with millions of others. Was 2010 really that epic? Are all years like that?

Brought to you by Whirled, the mashup madmen behind Rockmelt's demo vid, Every Cigarette Smoked in Mad Men and - curiously - this random zombie speeding ticket effort. Damn, those people give us rainbow face.

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