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12 December 2010

The Juxtaposition is the Message.

My friend Bertrand, who runs the blog VOTW ("vision of the world" - his, that is), sent me this picture of a book stand at a Border's in New York.

I can't make out whether this is a blow for W. or for the Star Wars franchise. But I suppose it merits taking into account that where we are in US politics is in part a result of the various states of WTF thrown at us over the course of the Bush, Jr. administration. We're all half-awake, kids like Skywalker, going, "Did the Force help us through that? Is it still with us? Was it ever...?"

Reflection to be continued, hopefully with scrolling text and epic background music.


Bertrand said...

Another good one for George

fairuse said...

Poor Bush(y), he gets all the heat. Don't forget my personal hero & 40th President, Ronald Reagan started the real "Star Wars".

Pardon the off the cuff mobile photo of the back cover of, "Mutual Assured Survival"


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