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02 December 2010

Dentsu London, BERG's 3D Light Painting iPad App

Dentsu London has been experimenting with design consultancy BERG in lightplay and filmmaking. The first collabo film they've put together, "Making Future Magic," demonstrates the curious and amazing characteristics of an iPad application they've just produced.

Dubbed Penki (Japanese for paint), the app enables you to use your iPad to create 3D light paintings, revealed in long-exposure photographs. But this is neither here nor there. Seriously. Watch the film, and if you're precocious but technically undereducated like us, you'll be like, "Why are Sony and Panasonic making me deal with 3D glasses...?"

A book of stills from the film is also available over at Blurb. Support creative innovation by snapping up a copy and parking that bad-boy on your hip asymmetrical coffee table. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.

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