Angela Natividad's Live & Uncensored!

30 December 2010


Brought to you by Austin Walsh Photography. And, because I can't say it better, here's Jetpacks' tidy take:

Dolls with messed up eyes are the stuff of nightmares, but obsessed old men from the suburbs of KC who believe in Santa Claus are the stuff of Disney. And it's nice to see a studio/collective/agency just telling a story instead of putting antlers on the office dog and acting cute.

I guess I'm into this because for me a great story has both the dark and the beautiful mixed in. That's the kind of stuff that captivates you as a kid, long before your head's all washed out with industrial sized Fight Club-looking soap. Isn't that basically the business we're in? To captivate, to make that inner kid feel at ease poking his head out again?

Well, maybe not for nose clippers or Chia pets.

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Howie-Shizzle said...

So what I find weird about this is that instead of the guy becoming ultra Jesus religious, he is now an ultra Santa Worshipper. And Santa can be viewed in very diabolical ways. Fat old man who wants kids on his knee? Sneaking into peoples homes late at night? Enslaved reindeer and little people? Demands cookies? Santa? Satan? Red, Coal?

Now he has this minion.

That all said I dig his effort!