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12 December 2010

A Flash of Light ... a Marketing Opportunity.

Prepare for the colonisation of the land behind your eyes. :P

I still a little wiped from Le Web, but I wanted to pop out of my coma for a sec to post this BMW execution in Germany. (Among other things, like eat and pee.)

The brand used flash projector technology to reproduce what happens when you look up at the sun, or see a flash of light: when you close your eyes, you see the contours of that light slowly fade away.

In a recent cinema ad, a really intense racer, all high off his follow-your-dream juice, asked people to close their eyes following a flash of light at the end - and when they did, what they saw were the sharp contours of BMW.

How it was done (and the ad itself):

Sly work that quite literally gets under the skin. Who says you can't bewitch an audience while ravishing it of one more safe place ... all at the same time?

Find similar executions on the page I built for advances in projector technology in advertising. (Recommendations welcome, too.)

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