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03 November 2010

It's Scrabble ... on 'Shrooms.

This Ogilvy & Mather/Paris ad for the launch of Scrabble Délire brings to mind a tenement-based Alice in Wonderland, sprinkled with the spirit of the voyeuristic dinner parties Diesel threw for its Five on Fifth opening.

Scrabble Délire is basically an unhinged version of ordinary Scrabble: at the draw of a card you can write words in reverse, use proper nouns or place a word anywhere you want on the board.

The ad's objective was to manifest the havoc that can ensue when words take on lives and motivations of their own, disconnected from the rigidity and form of the original Scrabble game.

Mainly I'm pleased it doesn't fall too far from grace: the ending ties back nicely to the purpose. And to be honest, the freewheeling noirish mayhem of it is so un-Mattel-like that it's refreshing, very nearly shocking. (Well, maybe not in France, where this beautiful piece of work came out for Scrabble Classic last year.)

Big ups to Le Publigeekaire bringing it to my attention. If you can read in French and you're not reading that guy, by gad, what are you thinking...?


Publigeekaire said...

Bip up Angela! FYI, we sing each other's praises ;)

Angela Natividad said...

Someday, Matthieu, we will hug. <3